Linda Eleanor Marsanico
2 min readDec 27, 2020
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When I feel afraid, shifting to faith and gratitude gives me a helpful lift. There’s so much fear around, it’s easy to catch it. With a heartfelt reminder to choose my thoughts, I hop onto the energy of faith. Once there, I know that I am a spiritual being in a physical body, and that I will get through this: wearing masks, being socially confined, and being vigilant with this tiny Covid creature! I acknowledge with gratitude that there is love around me. Creator’s love. There are people who care about me, who emotionally support me. I have work, shelter and health. I am fortunate.

My heart goes out to those who lack any of these basic essentials. I know a young couple who are both unemployed. The woman recently secured a job in retail only to have the shop go out of business. She’ll be out of work once again. This twosome is so courageous. They look for opportunities daily.

People all over the country are experiencing joblessness. I hope and pray for resolution: shelter, food, work and healthcare for our citizens. I pray for new opportunities, industries and approaches to our future society, where love and compassion figure into our governance.

My prayer is that “We the people” create new solutions and directives to bring us forward in 2021, keeping up the momentum. We’ll make these changes together in a new energy made possible by the chaos we experience today. (Let’s remember that the creative process has a chaotic aspect.) We’ll create this new energy of possibility because we can — with the will and determination to improve life for ourselves, and our brothers and sisters…

Let’s just do that ~

Peace & Love,


Linda Eleanor Marsanico

I am a writer - mostly about love and compassion. I believe that this is a profound way for me to be spiritual, by walking the walk and talking the talk.