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When hate is trending love and compassion do not go out of style!

Each and every one of us is connected in the energy of oneness…the energy of love, yet in the unpredictable weather swings of January, our country is faced with division in politics! Within families and other friendship groups, people hold contrary political positions leading to conflict and opposition…

Let me repeat: Love and compassion do not go out of style when hate is trending. Hate is a dark place, which needs illumination, another word for light. To heal hate we need love and forgiveness, the sister to compassion. We need understanding…

I have known the question: “What would love do?” Let’s add discernment and clarity to the love batter — (the masculine attributes complement here). These allow us to develop balance, where we are poised to create healthier responses — not acting from one or the other side of duality. From an enhanced vantage point we have access to our evolved brain and can use all of our resources to move forward. We can let go of what does not serve; we can let go of what is not who we are. When we let go like this, who we WANT TO BE, CAN BE pops up. You know — the YOU we find when we feel secure and safe…

Truly, we are not “hate” as we are intimately enmeshed in oneness. We forget this knowledge. When we “lean into” our dark side (at this point it’s isolated from our light side — that’s duality: this or that), duality prevents us from seeing the middle ground, the areas of complexity, nuance and resolution. What happens when we shine love on this division? The illumination guides us to the energy of solution because we are centered and grounded. This is where love and compassion reside!

At this incendiary time I have decided to speak my truth and to let go of what is not I. This is a challenge worth overcoming. I want to “be victorious” in the highest vibration of solution.

In love and light,



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