VOTE, VOTE, VOTE from your heart…

Linda Eleanor Marsanico
4 min readNov 5, 2018


Done ! by Timothy Valentine

Election Day is tomorrow in the United States, an opportunity for people’s voices to be heard. Yet, millions of voters are unregistered or apathetic. They feel that nothing they say or do will change things.

In addition, there is widespread voter suppression (usually the poor and people of color) and gerrymandering. I remember learning about gerrymandering in grade school: my teacher saying that political parties carve out districts that are favorable to their cause. I was unaware of the consequences in eighth grade, yet now I understand that voter suppression and gerrymandering interfere with our democracy: one person, one vote.

In the vision of our founding fathers, E Pluribus Union, translates to: Out of many, one. Originally, this focused “…on many states becoming a union, the one. Later, it came to suggest our many differences (race, religion, etc.) in forming the melting pot, the one.”

We are in dark times, people have told me. Yet only light can drive out darkness.

How do we bring light into the election? For one, let’s look at sharing.

Doesn’t the United Constitution say that our government is for the people, and by the people? Not by and for just SOME of the people? This is the simple truth.

With the midterm elections tomorrow, we can let our hearts move us together, forward, to vote for a government that works for ALL the people. Pope Frances suggests that we all become just a little more poor. I am willing to give in this way…The idea is that we would SHARE resources, access, opportunity (We do this in our immediate family.) so that members/siblings/brethren reach for their goals, and self expression…

America’s strength has been its diversity, its values. I grew up with stories of Superman who “fought for truth, justice and the American way.” As a child, I had pride in being guided by these lofty ideals. Where is the heart of America today?

In the collective, (Yes, the collective of you and me and everybody else.), we have the opportunity to form and build structures of cooperation and collaboration. This strategy, and the new political moment can move us –not left or right — but forward, so that our “one nation under God” works for all the people: poor and wealthy; healthy and sick; young and old; those of all skin colors & religions; educated and less educated; straight and gender fluid. The constitution allows room for this stretching, so that we grow into the skin of a true democracy, the imperfectly perfect union, the many from the one…

America is wildly abundant. There is enough for all of us to prosper — if we are willing to promote access to opportunity and resources like education, health care and housing, to name a few. In this scenario, success would depend on the amount of work we wish to devote…a true meritocracy. Those who work harder will achieve more.

Our workers are said to be the best in the world…Let’s let them work.

We need our politicians to walk across the aisle, to pass bills that respect the needs of the people in the country, as we are all connected in an intimate agreement: We all breathe the same air, and drink the same water. Both need to be of high quality. Basic need.

In order to serve and govern, we need to balance the needs of the individual (people in our 52 states) as well as the aggregate (the total union). No easy task. A model of compromise, advise and consent; collaboration is essential, coupled with a heartfelt agenda. Where is the heart of this nation today?

Let’s return from turmoil and conflict to civility and respect…Vote not from fear, but from a willingness to give and take. Get to know the issues so you can rally your Representatives and Senators on the federal, state and local levels…Can we work for a perfect union? Well, it doesn’t have to be really perfect…just good enough to have a beat that people can dance to, get down with, feel included in, feel represented by. America needs this rhythm to move forward, to show heart…

Strong ideals and diversity have built a resilient America . This is our strength. Through immigration, the voice of the world is represented here, — within our borders — and it is our challenge to bring the voices in harmony. In doing so, we need the soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, tenor, and baritone for the chorus. For the music we need woodwind, brass, percussion, string, harp and the electronic instrument. For with a true concert — a humanistic, social-economic symphony (which contains a lyricism of getting things done), we will hear the high, motivational energy of innovation and creativity as we face the challenges of true representation. THESE, THE HOMELESS, TEMPEST-TOSSED-TO- ME…

Ben Franklin said that we get the government we deserve. Let us reach out for the very best. “From our energetic effort, participation and empowerment, from this complex, but simple core, we’ve all won.”

Vote for a future that will work for everyone. Just do it — from your heart…

Speak to you in three weeks, on November 26th.

Wishing you peace and love,




Linda Eleanor Marsanico

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