There was an old city

Who lived in a situation.

She had so many citizens

Who were dying in hospitals & homes…

She DID KNOW what to do…

From the churches and schools, to the few.

“Shelter at home,” she said!

As the virus blew the house down &

People huddled, afraid & exposed…

“Be safe in shelter.”

Yet the people grew restless

Even rebellious, from boredom.

You see, this city was built on rock & roll,

The New York Times, The Daily News…

This city is proud yet New YORKers have a heart.

They can & have, “come together.”

This city is grateful, not dead.

This city is the home of King Kong

And the “Daily Planet,” Batman &

Captain America.

We are superheroes with masks…gloves

And PPE…
I AM counting the ways that I love thee, Oh New YORK,

The city of my birth & my residence.

We Shall Overcome…

I wrote this poem in August, hoping to publish it. I penned it quickly and loved it. So…I sent it off to “The New York Times,” “The Daily News,” “The New Yorker” and “The Atlantic.” No one responded!

I hope you enjoy my blending of nursery rhymes, rock and gospel music, super heroes and poetry.


LE Marsanico ©2020




Linda Eleanor Marsanico

I am a writer - mostly about love and compassion. I believe that this is a profound way for me to be spiritual, by walking the walk and talking the talk.