Playing Outside My Window

Photo taken by L E Marsanico

Magical, ornamental pear trees grace my window view

bringing joy and light to my heart.

Their short-lived white blossoms look like clusters of candy.

Oblivious of Covid’s challenge, these white puffs

work magic on passersby, uplifting a mood for those who walk under

their umbrella and wish to gaze.

The brown limbs of the trees are decorated by these flowers

before they float to the ground, revealing green leaves

left behind at great heights.

Oh, I would love these blossoms to stay for a while,

yet nature has other plans for this flora…

I’ll hold the vision of these candies in my mind’s eye and in

this photo I took…

Until they reappear in the evolution of next spring…

Love & Peace





Linda Eleanor Marsanico

I am a writer - mostly about love and compassion. I believe that this is a profound way for me to be spiritual, by walking the walk and talking the talk.