Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Linda Eleanor Marsanico
3 min readJan 18, 2024

Has anybody seen my old friend Martin?

Can you tell me where he’s gone?

He freed a lot of people

But it seems the good they die young.

You know I just looked around and he’s gone.

“Abraham Martin and John” originally sung by Dion, 1968; written by

DickHoller, Laurie Records; Vinnie Bell and Ralph Casale on guitar, Nick DeCaro on organ, David Robinson on drums.

“Boldness can take many forms. As we prepare to take action, it is no easy task to interpret the many nuances in the challenges, which Universe presents…

[I mention Dr. King who] …organized peaceful demonstrations which led to changes in our laws around racial segregation and discrimination…”

King is a leader who motivated us through his actions, and who pushed for societal change through his passion, reflection and focus. During his life, Dr. King was an inspiration to many Baby Boomers who during the 1960s, were barraged by brutality and turbulence. One by one, our leaders were murdered, ripped from our lives. We were confused and afraid: where were we going in this darkness? King’s gentle speech stood out. As I remember, his was a lone voice, and it took courage for him to find a nonviolent path in this maelstrom. His message, of love, was transcendent, and it continues to rouse me today!

One of King’s goals was to actualize the rights (especially to vote) of his people, under…



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