Linda Eleanor Marsanico
3 min readApr 24, 2023
Photo — LE Marsanico — Downtown Brooklyn & Lower Manhattan


It’s been a while since I last wrote. Not being in touch with you has been

a kind of heartbreak as I feel a commitment to my readers and enjoy the

connection in sharing my thoughts. Please understand that my creativity

was “spent” on my search for a new home, and the subsequent renovation.

I’d been between homes, meaning that I was living with my sister

for 14 months. During this time, I moved from my home of 18 years yet

didn’t know where I would land, permanently. I looked for an apartment

and finally closed on the property in late June of 2022. Awaiting me was

a New York City renovation, replete with permissions from the Department

of Buildings (DOB) and the group of agencies that oversee this kind of


I had lots of support during this time: my sister, family, children, friends,

an experienced contractor. Once we got going, the Board of Directors of the

building approved my plans in two days. Bravo. We were off to DOB and


The renovation took just over 5 months. Even though I am not a “shopper”

Linda Eleanor Marsanico

I am a writer - mostly about love and compassion. I believe that this is a profound way for me to be spiritual, by walking the walk and talking the talk.